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Why OTR?

  • Niche Services

    OTR has a competitive edge over the competition because of the niche services that we offer, and the high level of customer service. OTR has highly trained brokers that are also cross- trained to be outstanding customer service professionals. Every 3PL can manage truckload, LTL, expedite shipments, etc. but we specialize in dedicated, drop-trailer arrangements & cross-border movements from MEXICO to US, CANADA to US and vise versa.

  • Technology

    Developed in-house, our proprietary software is constantly adapting to an ever-evolving industry. Freight is a commodity; By automating several aspects of the transaction process, we are able to increase our efficiency & accuracy, reduce overhead, generate network capacity and provide more value to our clients.

  • Support

    The transportation industry never sleeps – Neither do we. OTR is staffed 24/7/365 to meet or exceed the demands of our industry. Our brokers and customer service professionals will be there for you every step of the way. Whether you’re a customer requiring an update or a carrier needing a lumper-comchek, OTR is only 1 call away.

  • Relationships

    OTR has been built on developing quality relationships with our shippers and carriers. Our success can be attributed to being honest, transparent, respectful & loyal. OTR trains our staff to be professionals at providing top-tier solutions and extremely high levels of customer service to our shippers and carriers. In return we are afforded some luxuries, unlocking restricted capacity for carriers & gaining access to freight not available through other 3PL's. It's not what you know, it's who you know.

End-to-end Shipping


OTR gives us responsible quotes. We book the overwhelming majority of our loads through them.

Mark Phillips,

OTR is a great brokerage to work for. Good loads, fair rates.

Keith Ricke,

OTR is easy to work with. Their people are very knowledgable and dedicated to getting the job done. We really enjoy working with them.

Andrew Jones,


We work with fleets of all sizes - from single man operations to global logistics carriers. We have an expansive network of shippers, drivers, equipment, and storage facilities to meet your specific needs. We work with all of the major factoring companies which will enable us to instantly plug into your existing infrastructure.


We offer a large variety of options for owner-operators, including trailer rental, spot-market individual loads, and consistent lanes. Whether your goals are revenue generation, work-life balance, getting home on the weekends, or local freight; we will work with you to optimize your business.